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+20 Sunset Textures

My last exam is finally over! So I got the chance to sit down and start making these textures which I have been wanting to make for a few days now but cursed revision got in my way damnit.

I have a load of photographs from last summer on my computer and I realised the sky in them is really pretty in a lot of the photos so turned them into some gradient/textures. They were all taken in Point-du-Chene, New Brunswick, Canada. For anyone who cares XD

They were all jpegs so the textures [now pngs] are a little bit grainey.
But I like them like that.
Hope you do too!

snag them @ my Deviant art

+26 Bleach Icons

Nothing fancy. I did these yesterday but didn't get around to posting them. I figured I ought to get them up so that I can get on an revise for my exam on Wednesday, otherwise I'll be thinking about them and because I can't let anything be I'd probably want to edit them and stuff.

But I like tham how they are and I hope you do too!

[+] 20 Anime - Episodes 81-83
[+] 6 Manga - Totally Random

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Concrete Extravaganza!

To commemorate the grand opening of my new graphic journal some concrete textures!
I don't know how useful these will be at all but I've used a couple of the older ones from time to time.

Snag them at Deviant Art

Why is it I'm only motivated to do graphic-y things when I am meant to be working?
Must. Hit. The. Books.


All The rescources used to make my icons/graphics can be found with these LJ users and websites.

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